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We offer a number of Bulk Cleaning options to our customers including:- Admixture removal (Chaff/Straw, weed seeds etc.), Species Separation, Bushel Weight Improvement in wheat / barley and oats, Ergot Removal in wheat / barley, Hagberg Improvement in milling wheat. Reduction of DOM in wheat. All with the use of our High Capacity Grading and Gravity Separation Equipment .

Admixture Removal

If you have admixture problems eg, cleavers/redshank in rape or a very dirty sample of beans then we can sort it out for you.

Species Separation

We also do quite a lot of removal of wheat/rape out of oats, rape out of wheat/barley etc.

Bushel Weight Improvement

Bushel Weight Improvement is the main thing we are being asked about at the moment. Typically we are achieving a 6-12 point improvement in the Bushel Weight (Specific Weight).

Ergot Removal

With the use of Gravity Separation and/or Colour Separation we can remove Ergot form cereal samples with minimal losses.

Hagberg Improvement

As with bushel weight improvement the Hagberg Falling Number (HFN) can be improved by removing the small shrivelled grains, straw/chaff and also the large but very low density grains (if present).

If you've got a problem or you've had a mishap on farm please give us a ring and we'll help you sort it out.

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