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We offer all the commercially available seed treatments.

Seed Treatments & Activity (Focus Section 1)

Single Purpose Dressings (SPD)

Including but not exclusive to Seedling Blight such as Microdochium, Fusarium & Septoria, Loose Smut, seed and soil borne Bunt, Take All, Blue Mould, Leaf Stripe, Covered Smut, Net Blotch across all cereals.

  • Beret Gold
  • Celest Extra
  • Difend Extra
  • Fountain
  • Prepper
  • Rancona i-Mix
  • Redigo Pro
The benefits of SPD’s are:
  • They bridge the 3-4 month gap between drilling and T0 fungicide sprays.
  • The cost is small relative to the risk.
  • It will be the cheapest insurance policy you’ll ever buy.
  • Crop health will affect both yields and quality, impacting your returns through quantity of sellable grain produced and premiums available for infected grain lots.
  • There will also be a detrimental impact on seed available for farm saving the following year through decreased germination and the possibility of compounding the infection.


Seed Treatments & Activity (Focus Section 2)

SDHI Single Purpose Dressings

Vibrance Duo

Winter - Wheat, Barley, Oats, Rye and Triticale
​Spring – Wheat, Barley and Oats.

Vibrance Duo has superior fungicidal control due to the addition of an SDHI (Sedaxane) to the ever-popular SPD Beret Gold. As well as improved emergence and rooting benefits which are valuable in delayed drilling situations so may be used to minimise Slug, Aphid (BYDV) and Take All risks, whilst also building higher yields due to fast emergence and strong crop development.

(Combine this with our Winter Crop Reformulated (WCR) for a winning combination)

Kinto Plus

Winter – Wheat, Barley, Oats, Rye and Triticale.

Kinto plus delivers outstanding control of key seed and soil borne diseases, it enhances root development both in terms of length and mass and improves germination, particularly during times of stressful conditions. This results in quicker crop establishment, better tiller retention and more vigorous plants enabling you to maximise the yield potential of your crop.

(Combine this with our Winter Crop Reformulated (WCR) for a winning combination)

Seed Treatments & Activity (Focus Section 3)

Additional Dressings

Signal 300ES

(Insecticide only) Wheat Bulb Fly and Wireworm. Can be co-applied with any other seed dressings. Has proven very popular for barley growers planting in late Winter. Needs combining with an SPD or Vibrance Duo. Has been said to have the effect on reducing slug damage.


Latitude, containing the active ingredient Silthiofam, is a specialist fungicide seed treatment for the reduction of the devastating disease, take-all. A proven, cost effective measure for maximising yield and quality wherever take-all is a problem. Latitude gives the grower a practical tool to aid the management of second and subsequent wheats and barley without any delay to crop emergence.

Latitude can also be used to maximise the yield and quality of spring wheat where take-all is a problem e.g. after overwintered stubble.

Seed Treatments & Activity (Focus Section 4)


Winter Crop Reformulated (WCR)

Our Number 1 Nutrient, is it Yours?

** Exclusively Distributed by CYO Seeds (Midlands) Ltd **

NoroTec Winter Crop Reformulated (WCR) is applied in a seed treatment machine in a separate dosage system and can be co-applied with any SPD, Vibrance Duo, Latitude or Signal.

The content is complex bound-chelated formula with organic plant and amino acids.

It is a Macro/Micro-nutrient fertilizer with bio-stimulant properties for growth promotion and can be applied to both winter and spring seed:

  • Increases plant health therefore increases disease resistance
  • Increases competition which suppresses weed growth
  • Two stage absorption process maximising mineral uptake
  • Stimulates plant growth
  • Increased root structure
  • Co-application with other seed treatments



Seed/plant nutrient in a Chelated form which is bound with organic plant acids and amino acids. Used as a targeted micro-nutrient on manganese deficient fields. Widely used on cereals for improving establishment.

Winter Crop Reformulated (WCR), and Manganese can be applied to Oil Seed Rape.

Nuello iN

Nuello iN is the breakthrough natural seed treatment that infuses your crop with nitrogen-fixing bacteria, extracting nitrogen from the atmosphere. By colonizing seeds and seedlings, Nuello iN ensures a constant supply of nitrogen throughout the crop's life. Independent trials confirm its efficacy, Nuello iN enhances crop growth, resilience, and overall performance.

You can find all our chemical Information & Safety Data Sheets here

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