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Big Savings with Farm Saved Seed

Farmers using FSS will reap substantial financial savings again this year when compared to high certified seed prices. In most cases, the saving will be £100+ per tonne for cereals and £1000‘s per tonne on rape (normally approx. ½ the cost of certified rape seed). Give us a ring, it’s got to be worth it.

Save even more by introducing us to a new customer. We’ll give you £50 off your invoice if you do.

Home Grown Staff

We are increasingly being asked where do we source our seasonal staff. The answer is simple - most of our guys are full time anyway and all of them including our seasonal staff are “home grown in the UK“.

New Seed Cleaners

We are putting another new truck on the road this year. It has a large cleaner, gravity separator and a computer monitored and controlled chemical application system. It should be ready for testing in early August so fingers crossed. We build at least one each year and are already planning for next years machine.

****************************************REDIGO DETER and STRAIGHT DETER****************************************

REDIGO DETER and STRAIGHT DETER were both in high demand until their demise in 2018 due to an EU wide ban. It was by far the most popular seed treatment used throughout the industry. This year might have high BYDV pressure but this can't be helped by the use of a seed dressing, it's spray only. Slugs are still a problem, Deter was used extensively to reduce the damage caused by them to the seed.


SLUGS and CEREALS: Life after "Deter"

This year we've been doing extensive trials to determine, amongst other things, whether or not slug damage to the seed and young seedling can be reduced with our current arsenal of seed dressings. We've come up with some pretty astonishing findings, all may not be lost by any means!!- please call us for further information. If you've not got too much of a slug issue the results were even better (quite surprising us as well)


With the dimise of the "Neonic" Oil Seed Rape insecticides and no chance of seeing them back in their present form the only real option is to use a fungicide coupled with a micro-nutrient such as our own Winter Crop (Reformulated) to get the young plant away to its best start possible. Hopefully this will be enough for most situations.

Who will be brave enough to plant expensive hybrid rape seed?

With no insecticide protection available and its low drilling rates, this year will see a further reduction in the area planted by Hybrid rape. It's a decision that requires a great deal of thought. A Hybrid rape is sown at very low seed rates, the young plant will be easy pickings for flea-beetle which could result in no crop at all, even if the application rate is increase this will have a detrimental effect on the crop because hybrids dont like being sown too thick. The best alternative would be to plant a conventional rape variety which is much cheaper to buy, you can drill at higher seed rates, most good conventional varieties give higher yeilds than hybrids anyway and of course you can farm save them.


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