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Over 41+ years we have built well over 50 machines. As contractor operators, we are in a unique position. We bring to your farm equipment not only built to create the best sample, but also designed to operate smoothly and efficiently; e.g. setting up is simple; cleaning down is fast and simple with independent reversing switches on augers; filling big bags or trailers requires no extra seed handling as it drops directly from a “swinging hopper” or "twin chutes".

With our large cleaners we can service our farmers needs. Where there is pressure to process quite large seed lots quickly, we can produce seed up to 15 tonnes per hour without in any way prejudicing quality. If you're not in a hurry, we'll work at your pace.


Screen Area & Size: We believe that screen area combined with the use of large screen sizes are the principal keys to producing the best seed. Over 99% of the seed we process is passed through a WESTRUP cleaner. These provide between 4.8 sq. metres on the UB1000's and 10.8 sq. metres on the FA1500's of grading sieve. Compare these to only 2.92 on a Law Denis 200 or 1.46 on a Law-Denis 100. Both of which are the standard cleaners for nearly all other mobile operators.

Ball Cleaning: What is more, this large sieve area is kept clean by balls rather than brushes. Balls are much more effective than brushes so the screens are working to maximum efficiency the whole time.

Double Aspiration: The Westrup also provides effective aspiration before and after grading.


Secondary to the screen area is the GRAVITY SELECTOR to lift from the graded seed extraneous admixture and the less dense, (and therefore less viable), seed. All our seed passes through a gravity selector after it has been graded and aspirated.


As well as using commercially available chemical applicators, we have designed and built our own chemical treatment systems to ensure exact dosing of products. All have safety systems in place to prevent under/over dosing. As an industry standard, all of our treatment systems are monitored continuously by us and by the chemical manufacturers for accuracy of chemical application and evenness of distribution on the seed. All of our treaters hold a current M.O.T. for the application of seed treatments.

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