CYO Seeds (Midlands) Ltd
T: (01858) 880882
F: (01858) 880553

Why Should You Use CYO Seeds (Midlands) Ltd For Your Seed Processing?

We are Specialists in Mobile Seed Processing of Farm Saved Seed. Weíre driven by innovation and dedication to Agriculture. As well as our seed processing we offer a full range of seed tests from 1000 grain weight to full disease analysis.

Farmer has Control Over Quality - monitor your own stock, check the screen size check the waste, check the 1000 grain weight.

Flexible Timings - donít wait for your seed, donít over order, weíll do top-ups if you run short (with no increase in price).

Flexible Dressing - have whatever dressing you want. We can carry all the major seed dressings and can mix and match as you require.

Our chemical application systems are maintained and monitored by ourselves and the seed/chemical treatment manufacturers.

We sample every seed lot we process.

Cash Flow - donít spend money on expensive seed early in the growing year.

Real Cash Savings (FSS v Certified) - Save £1000ís per tonne on rape seed and about £100 per tonne on cereals. Contact us for more information.

Farm Assurance - To comply with your farm assurance protocol, we will leave you with a sample of your seed lots and a completed work sheet, detailing procedures, chemical dressings used and dose rates.

CYO SEEDS (MIDLANDS) Ltd - contractors you can rely on. We carry out processing throughout the middle counties of the UK. We're jealous of our reputation.

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