CYO Seeds (Midlands) Ltd
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CYO Seeds (Midlands) was established in 1978 at its base in Leicestershire and became a Limited company in 2005. The company has grown over the years to become the largest indedpendent Mobile Seed Processors & Seed Cleaning Specialists of Farm Saved Seed (FSS) in the country. As part of the companies growth we have aquired CYO Seeds (North) Ltd and Redfern Seeds (both based in Yorkshire), Agridress (based in Lincolnshire) and TV & JA Rogers (Based near Banbury) in 2014. Our ethic to the service we offer is "You only process your seed once so it must be done right first time". Through drive and innovation we have set new industry standards and each year we process more than the last, reflecting the increasing demand for FSS and our professional outlook. As well as FSS, we supply certified seed and fertiliser, whilst our sister company Alphamixsupplies concrete and floor screed to the local area with their 5 Volumetric Concrete mixers.

Development of Mobile Seed Processors:

Our seventeen mobile seed cleaners process in excess of 20000 tonnes annually. Each year we develop new systems and build new and improved equipment, always aware that successful contractors must offer their customers continuous development, second to non service and a competitive price.


Staff continuity and training are very important attributes of ours. Our permanent staff build, maintain and run our seed processors. We also build for other contractors in the UK and abroad.

During the busy autumn season, we also employ sub-contract operators, most of which have been with us through the season for many years and because of this they have developed the knowledge, communication and skill sets to carry out their job with the required professionalism. We take great care in choosing our staff and subcontractors; we train and retrain them; with your help, we monitor their work and encourage them to return annually.